Tattoo Aftercare By Koolsville Tattoo

Leave your bandage on for a minimum of 1 hour
After removal of bandage wash thoroughly with hot water
Pat dry with a clean paper towel
Apply a think layer of lubriderm
Keep your tattoo clean with soap and water
Repeat this process for a week or two

Piercing Aftercare

Upper Torso

Clean Piercing with a q-tip and dial liquid soap 2-3 time daily
Rise off soap with saline solution
Do not change piercing for 3-4 weeks

Oral Piercing

Rinse your mouth out everytime you do anthing oral with mouthwash deluded with water
Use ice products to keep the swelling down. Use the aftercare 4-5 times daily
Do not change the jewelry for 4-5 weeks

If any adverse or infection develops at site of piercings, contact your personal primary physician for treatment and report to SNHD Special Programs.
SNHD (702) 759-0677

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